If Only 1

"If Only 1 person helps 1 other person, what a better world this would be."




"Hebrews 13:2 Do not forget or neglect or refuse to extend hospitality to strangers, for through it some have entertained angels without knowing it"

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If Only 1

Come together as individuals to help change the lives of the less fortunate. 

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

Right now we are currently handing out sandwiches, water and fruit on the "Hot Streets" of Phoenix Arizona at least once a week.

Please join us by donating peanut butter & jelly, bread, water, fruit and many other nonperishable items to give to the homeless.  You can also donate money or your time by volunteering to help hand out the goods to the homeless.  It could really be a life changing experience for you. Thank You.

.                        Charity starts in the heart

                         To give to one in need

                         The giver is set apart

                         From those that are filled with greed

                         If Only 1 would give

                         Their time, attention, money, their love

                         I believe it's the reason why we live

                         To seek out those we can help take care of


                         Hundreds could change the lives of many

                         One could change the lives of a few

                         But it has to start with "1"

                         Join me while I do what God has called me to do


                          If Only 1




                                                                           iF oNLY 1

inspirational quotes

Mahatma Ghandi

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mother Teresa

If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.


"If Only 1" will provide comfort for the homeless in the form of food, water, blankets, sleeping bags and basic clothing.  Whatever we can provide to make living on the streets just a little more comfortable.  "If Only 1" person would exemplify the true meaning of the word LOVE, hope could be restored to the poor and homeless.  " To Give Is To Gain"

Martin Luther King Jr.

An individual has not started

living until he can rise above

the narrow confines of his

individualistic concerns to

the broader concerns of all